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Festive weekend on its way

Well this weekend we are kicking off the half term with a bang Friday 25th October we are holding our Halloween party- This will consist of raffles, Live bands, DJ’s,

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Lowender Perran-19th October

Celebrating Lowender Perran in style at the watering hole with Black Friday playing, starting at 9:30pm. A festival celebrating Cornwall’s distinctive history of traditional music. BLACK FRIDAY are a high

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Loyatly cards-Sign up for your new one

New loyalty cards, interested? Click on the link below and you can fill it in from the comfort of your own home. http://www.the-wateringhole.co.uk/about-us/loyalty-card-application/ The great thing about signing up for

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The watering holes famous new years eve party including -Champagne reception -stupendous gourmet buffet -Live music from the famous 4th street traffic and the pictures -fireworks -theme-What did you want

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