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After fighting off storm after storm over the last couple of months and then going from storm fighting to an absolutely gorgeous day, that would rival one sent down even in August. We are now faced with having the superb Talon who will be blowing us away tomorrow evening. Talon have been voted by the industry as the ‘OFFICIAL No … Read More


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Famous for Pass the Dutchie, forgotten how it goes? Have a listen: Grammy nominated Reggae legends MUSICAL YOUTH have released their comeback Single  ’The Harder They Come’, their first single in 30years. Watch out for tv appearances. The band were the first black act to appear on MTV, and sang with Donna Summer (Unconditional Love). They also had a song written by … Read More

The Watering Hole survived the great storm

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Good afternoon to everyone on this glorious day, defying all odds the watering hole has survived the great storm with nature building 15 ft fortified walls around Perranporths beloved monument 3rd January-Thursday evening was when the main monstrosity started, firing waves at will at the sand banks terrorizing the town and everything that stood in its path. Many areas were … Read More

Gaz Brookfield- Movember madness

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WHEN: 30th NOVEMBER @8:30PM Gaz Brookfield plays us some music for the last day of Movember so we can see the moustache out in style He is a solo acoustic musician based in Bristol. His songs are instantly accessible every-man tales of life, love and everything else in between. Since the start of his solo career Brookfield has had the … Read More

Lloyd Yates- Saturday 2nd November plus support

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              -We are lucky enough to have Lloyd Yates playing live this Saturday at 9:30pm supported by Ben and Al starting at 8pm.   [banner title=”Lloyd Yates this Saturday” link=”Get tickets here” linkhref=”http://www.the-wateringhole.co.uk/ai1ec_event/lloyd-yates/?instance_id=162″]  [/banner]   Lloyd Yates is an extremely talented up and coming musician and we are lucky enough to have him with … Read More

Festive weekend on its way

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Well this weekend we are kicking off the half term with a bang Friday 25th October we are holding our Halloween party- This will consist of raffles, Live bands, DJ’s, apple bobbing and much more. All of this is for a good friend of The Watering Hole, Natasha Whiting has dedicated the past few years of her life to the survival … Read More

Lowender Perran-19th October

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Celebrating Lowender Perran in style at the watering hole with Black Friday playing, starting at 9:30pm. A festival celebrating Cornwall’s distinctive history of traditional music. BLACK FRIDAY are a high energy folk and Celtic punk rock band from St Germans, Cornwall. The music is a lively mix of original songs, traditional Irish jigs, reels and ballads, as well as cover … Read More

Loyatly cards-Sign up for your new one

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New loyalty cards, interested? Click on the link below and you can fill it in from the comfort of your own home. http://www.the-wateringhole.co.uk/about-us/loyalty-card-application/ The great thing about signing up for these is that you can stay in touch with all of the upcoming things going on over here, with a monthly newsletter and trust me this is one thing that … Read More


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The watering holes famous new years eve party including -Champagne reception -stupendous gourmet buffet -Live music from the famous 4th street traffic and the pictures -fireworks -theme-What did you want to be when you grew up? Grab yours before they run out BUY TICKETS HERE- https://wateringholeny2013.eventbrite.co.uk/