Lowender Perran-19th October

Celebrating Lowender Perran in style at the watering hole with Black Friday playing, starting at 9:30pm. A festival celebrating Cornwall’s distinctive history of traditional music.

BLACK FRIDAY are a high energy folk and Celtic punk rock band from St Germans, Cornwall.

The music is a lively mix of original songs, traditional Irish jigs, reels and ballads, as well as cover versions by bands like the Pogues, Flogging Molly and the Mahones.

“I really enjoyed that! Can I buy you a double Jameson!”
– Shane MacGowan, the Pogues

“Having seen you live it was as a good a night as I could imagine stood in front of a band!”
– Mark Lamarr, DJ, BBC Radio 2

“Joe Strummer was a good friend of mine, and he would have loved your version of The Guns Of Brixton!”
– Gaz Mayal, Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues Club, Soho, London

“Any place you set up in the people would have a joyous time!”
– Mark Lamarr, DJ, BBC Radio 2

Black Friday Band Photo