Our New Webcam
You’re seeing live pictures from the balcony our new Bar & Cafe, Alcatraz. Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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If you are experiencing a problem with our webcam please report it to us with this form.

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650 Comments on “Webcam”

  1. Steph

    Well it’s not working yet again let’s see how long this time it’s going to be off and nobody saying anything about what’s going on just ignarence.

  2. Melanie Manley

    Brilliant views from webcam, watching the early morning beautiful sky.😍😊🙋‍♀️👍❤❤. Love this beautiful town perranporth ❤

  3. Bonzadog

    Pity sometimes the door blocks the view , but the room does need airing.
    Great to see the WebCam back on line…

  4. Harry Bolleaux

    I cant see Brisey, but I know here’s there somewhere.
    Broadwalk cancelled, get yer heads down, it’s gonna be a big one…

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