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538 Comments on “Webcam”

    1. Cole55

      The Watering Hole will not change their webcam as this one is supplied free,
      hence its very poor quality.

      1. Nigel

        The quality is OK and acceptable. But yes there are better cameras.
        I have no idea that this one is supplied free.

        1. Cole55

          When I whinged about the quality it was not about the Picture Quality,
          It`s the age of the camera as it suffers from condensation (But not at the moment)
          and the sweep of the beach does no longer work which is a great shame.
          But will be seeing it for real at the end of the month.

  1. Pete bird

    Sunny perranporth get ready the liskey boys are coming Pete Rick and Tyler get those cold beers ready watering hole here we come 22/06/2018

  2. sheelagh radford

    Best place on earth,could you give screen a clean and have it moving again please.xxx
    See you all on the 26th x

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