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Webcam News – It’s winter in Perranporth, and that means high winds and sand battering our webcam every day. Unfortunately the sand scratches the glass on the sea-facing side of our webcam, which causes the foggy picture you may be experiencing. We have new glass on standby and once winter has passed we will put fresh glass on for your viewing pleasure. Wish us luck in the storms!

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432 Comments on “Webcam”

  1. Brett

    Use the Seiners Arms webcam instead,better view and HD Quality..?not used Wateringhole cam for months since it broke (AGAIN).

  2. melanie

    With the better weather here now, will you be using a new glass for the web cam?
    Look forward to some more great views xx

  3. Steve Morris

    The bar takes ypur money at an inflated price you have such good memories of the place and when you return home the webcam is non existant they can’t afford to keep the glass clean, shame on you!!!!!

  4. Pauline

    What has happened to this, what used to be, brilliant live webcam. Hasn’t been available for what seems like months. Just keeps showing Error. Such a let down !!!

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