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You’re seeing live pictures from the balcony our new Bar & Cafe, Alcatraz. Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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If you are experiencing a problem with our webcam please report it to us with this form.

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636 Comments on “Webcam”

  1. Joyce Jenkins

    Please let us know what is happening to the Webcam, I think we are all getting fed up with asking. It makes you wonder whether to come to see you, we like to check webcams around so we go to the place with better weather showing. I will be down in September from Bedfordshire to stay with my sister & partner for a couple of weeks.

  2. Beetlecrusher

    Logged on today to see if webcam was working. Usual blank screen but after 1 minute 20 seconds, live picture comes up but freezes after 5 seconds. I only found this out as the phone went and I left the page open.

  3. Joyce Jenkins

    Its been weeks now, since the webcam was working, are we likely to get it back before the summer, you could put a message as to why it is down. Hoping to see the beach soon.

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