Whole clothing gain fitness advisor- Jeff

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As some of you may of heard or seen on, there is a surf lifestyle clothing brand that is being set up at the watering hole, this is something we are extremely proud to be part of and so is there newest member of the team, fitness adviser Jeff.


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Ben Skuse, Living the dream team rider(pictured below)- ‘it’s great to have a big book of knowledge right on your doorstep, it allowed me to find out the best nutritional information/ dietary requirements to fit around my surfing and working lifestyle”


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When the whole clothing part of the website is setup in February, we will provide you with regular articles from Jeff providing you with useful and meaningful information on how to live your life, allowing you to ‘live the dream’ to the best of your ability.

Here is part of one of Jeff’s most recent articles, enjoy-

”Our bodies are pretty consistent at telling us when things are good for us. We get that innate feeling of satisfaction from things like sex, food when we’re hungry and water when we’re thirsty. Another thing on this list is sleep; we all know that getting an early night and having an uninterrupted 7-9 hours sleep is a great feeling. It leaves us feeling re-energised and optimistic. But the society in which we live demonises sleep as something for those who are lazy and devoid of ambition. The phrases ‘sleep is for the weak’ or ‘you can sleep when you’re dead’ have been glorified in the media. But is it really a good idea to ignore the basic need for sleep in order to pursue our dreams, or is it even necessary?

It is thought that over 70% of the population do not get enough good quality sleep. Think of that as 7-9 hours uninterrupted (not even for the toilet) sleep. Some people have trouble getting to sleep, some have trouble staying asleep and some simply organise their lives so they don’t stand a chance. For those who cannot stay asleep, different times of waking indicate different problems, for example waking in the first few hours indicates a mismanagement of macro-nutrients in the body. However waking prematurely indicates too much of the stress hormone cortisol.”

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Jeff has graduated from the worlds top sporting university, Loughborough and is posting some cracking articles on his page.

‘Exercise and Health Expert, posting articles on everything from rep ranges to supplements, if you have any questions just ask!”

We are extremely pleased to have Jeff on our team offering us some top advice on keeping fit and staying healthy.