What on this week!

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Thursday- Martin Harley is here for his only show in the UK this summer, it’s going to be a real special one.
Friday-Toploader are Dancing in the moonlight with us for an evening that promises to be special
Sunday- Roo Panes, an amazing acoustic musician that we are eagerly awaiting
Next week
Can’t make it this week, do not worry, with Peoples String Foundation next Thursday, Motown Pirates next Friday, The Dorito mariachis from the adverts on Saturday & Sunday, you will be in for a real cracker.
Last week
With great shows from ‘Son Of Dave’, DJ Yoda & Johnny Lloyd last week.
The limelight was taken by DJ Yoda putting on a night to remember, with SAMMIAD setting the mood as the sun went down, alongside scintillating performances from The Scribes & HongKongPingPong.[/text_output][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][text_output]


  • Thursday – Martin Harley plus support
  • Friday – Headline – Toploader plus support
  • Sunday – Headline -Roo Panes plus support

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