Webcam not working? Please let us know.

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    1. For some reason they never give the status of the Web Camera.

      But I very sincerely hope it will be back online soon.

  1. Hi there people ,Alcatraz,Wateringhole .would be absolutely fantastic if the web cams were up and running ,I think this would raise a lot of spirits threw this very difficult and uncertain time ,especially for the people that a absolutely love Perranporth and may not get to see this wonderful view again .

  2. I hope not off for winter. The view from The Watering Hole shows the beach, Chapel Rock and the tide. The Sieners Camera changes from Chapel rock then to a video of the tide. Very little of the beach at all.

    I hope the Watering hole team will get it WebCam up and running soon.

  3. This webcam is not a public service and if what Cole55 says about the financial difficulties of the owners is true I’m sure they have more important things on their minds than keeping it running. Best of luck guys sorting your problems and (eventually) the webcam.

  4. Oh dear! So sorry to see webcam is down again. This glorious weather and was so looking forward to looking at that the beautiful beach. Such a shame! Hope it’s not down for long??

  5. Same has nothing to say why it’s down what’s happening we all miss this some of us don’t get away it’s the only time we see the sea and have fond memories of this beautiful place .

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