Back soon
Unfortunately our webcam is broken. Sand, salt water and wind are not kind to our poor webcam which despite being ‘military grade’ and costing several thousand pounds; regularly has problems due to the harsh conditions on the beach.

We plan to replace the webcam next week. In the mean time we’ve taken it down to avoid the internet sending us abusive comments!

Back soon!

Experiencing a problem?

If you are experiencing a problem with our webcam please report it to us with this form.

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Webcam installed and
managed by The Geeks

503 Comments on “Webcam”

  1. steve

    i have stopped coming to perranporth becouse of the ripoff prices at some of the bars i have been there in the winter and prices are lower webcam is not getting the funds from profits that is needed

  2. Beetlecrusher

    Perhaps the Watering Hole should provide a webcam feature that requires a subscription, at least then the moaners and groaners would have some justification. It`s quite simple really, if you don`t like it, don`t log in. No need to get abusive.

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