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534 Comments on “Webcam”

  1. Pete bird

    Perranporth and wartering hole get those beers ready Liskey boys Pete and Wally are coming 28/08/17

  2. pete bird

    perranporth here we come 10/08/17 get the beers ready watering hole the liskey boys are coming pete & ricky

  3. Nigel

    Please get the WebCam up and running soon. I understand the
    problems you have.

    By the way , can you also please change the data format of comment from the gastly American style of
    mm.dd.jjjj to the more civilised dd.mm.jjjjj.

  4. Sarah

    Please, please, please get webcam fixed soon, I’m missing my daily fix of beautiful Perranporth beach.

  5. melanie

    Morning everone in Perranporth. Hope everyone is enjoying their stay there, you lucky people. Roll on September 2nd, we’ll be there from Suffolk. 😆😆😆. Love the town & the best beach by far.xxxxx

  6. steve

    i have stopped coming to perranporth becouse of the ripoff prices at some of the bars i have been there in the winter and prices are lower webcam is not getting the funds from profits that is needed

  7. Beetlecrusher

    Perhaps the Watering Hole should provide a webcam feature that requires a subscription, at least then the moaners and groaners would have some justification. It`s quite simple really, if you don`t like it, don`t log in. No need to get abusive.

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